Drum Dance 2013

August 30 - September 1

Dance Chief: Zoe Bryant



The Drum Dance is teaches that we were creatively inspired and that our Creator made us from principle ideas that now govern the cosmos. 

When doing a Drum Dance, dancers move rhythmically back and forth on an open field towards the focus of hanging feathers. The dancers dance the vibration of the sound, bouncing back (present) and forth ( future) and returning to past memory, like the sound waves which are bouncing back and forth inside the hollow log of the drum being played and brings forth greatness. This is a way in which all physical life will pick up the resonating vibration of sound by which to shift consciousness. It creates the necessary planetary changes because the planetary energies want to dance effortlessly between the present, future, and memory of harmony.

The Drum Dance offers an opportunity for those people who want to participate in the consciousness of the planet. In addition to what happens on the collective level, each dancer is uplifted mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

These dances do not promote any specific religion or creed. Each person is understood as a beautiful light being with a unique and lovely path. 

The dances are open to all people who seek inspiration to live a life of high potential . Each dance requires effort and commitment on the part of the dancer. The commitment for the Drum Dance is six years. 

Dancers begin to experience the power of the Dance from the moment they make the commitment . Anyone who feels called to dance should contact the chief of the dance at least one to three months before the Dance to allow her to prepare for you and give you any needed instructions.

We dance for three days to heal ourselves and in doing so, we heal the planet. Dance the Drum Dance in the lush Blue Ridge Mountains in the shadows of the Peace/Sound Chamber.

This year's dance theme is "Nourished". What nourishes you in your life and who do you nourish or nurture. Is this loving vibration living in your life ? What do you need to help your lineage, the planet and all mankind, feel nurtured and whole.

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Zoe Bryant has facilitated 20 Drum Dances on her property in North Carolina.  Dance and Ceremony have become an important part of her life as she shares her joy in the celebration of life with the Creator. 

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